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New Beginnings: Introducing Alderley Group’s Land Director

Updated: Feb 27

We are delighted to welcome Nigel Blanchard, Land Director to the Alderley Group team. To help you get to know Nigel better, we sat down with him to learn more about his career journey to date, his plans for the role and some of the land requirements he is on the lookout for.

Nigel’s Journey into Land Development

After 11 years in the RAF, Nigel was introduced to the land planning/construction industry by a friend through sports, which he has since immersed himself in for the last 30 years.

Initially, Nigel began working as an Estate Agent for Blackhorse Estate Agency based in London, gaining experience negotiating and property matching, while making some invaluable connections. Nigel continued his career in real estate agency with J Trevor and Webster who were part of the Abbey National Building Society. This further expanded Nigel’s skills in the residential real estate industry and adding to his networking possibilities, which would later benefit Nigel in his land planning career.

Expanding his Experience

After years of real estate agency work, Nigel started his new role at Carter Jonas, a national property consultancy. Nigel was based in their Oxford location, where he began learning the art of land sourcing, land negotiation and working alongside other land developers. The internationally renowned Berkeley Homes was the next challenge for Nigel where he continued making connections, land sourcing, negotiating and building his knowledge across the agency world of land consultancy.

After time at Berkeley Homes, Nigel returned to Carter Jonas, but this time in their London location. Nigel was welcomed back by the team after his incredible experience at the company and in the industry since his previous departure. During his time at Carter Jonas, Nigel was one of the few individuals to sell land owned by the Cater Jonas family, which was later turned into a housing development scheme. Throughout his time at Carter Jonas, Nigel also worked on complex projects, such as the selling of hospital land in Northampton, building Nigel’s skills in land development and difficult negotiations, enhancing his resilience and problem-solving abilities.

Building a Consultancy

With incredible experience and connections across the industry spanning over 20 years, Nigel took the step of creating his own land planning consultancy; Eifla. His consultancy, which was named after the spelling of his son’s name (but backwards),

has now been running for over 10 years, which has allowed for Nigel to build an incredible client base and continue building on his ever-growing network. Eifla, has grown over the years, now supplying more product lines across the business, such as the creation of CGIs.

New Beginnings at Alderley Group

On the search for a new challenge in his career, Nigel has joined the Alderley Group team with a wealth of experience and connections, ready to be part of the company’s growth and become a valuable member of the team.

Nigel will be working on the entirety of the land process from land identification to negotiations and seeing this through to competition with the support of the internal Quantity Surveyors at Complete Construction.

Nigel is an individual with a growth mindset and looking to grow his skills further along with the expansion of Alderley Group’s portfolio.

Looking for Land

With Alderley Group’s specialism and expertise in affordable housing, Nigel is on the lookout for land with specific requirements to help with Alderley Group’s expansion. Nigel is looking for land that is:

  • Based in the areas of:

    • Greater

    • Manchester

    • Merseyside

    • Cheshire

    • Lancashire

    • West Yorkshire

    • South Yorkshire

    • Derbyshire

    • Staffordshire

    • Shropshire

    • Cumbria

  • Currently has planning

  • Opportunity to develop 30-250 plots

  • Greenfield or brownfield sites

  • Sites based in either urban or rural locations

At Alderley Group, we are fully committed to helping land owners maximise the potential of their land, we are always on the lookout for new sites to develop.

If you are considering reaching out to us about selling or developing your land, Nigel would be happy to help. You can get in touch with Nigel by email at or via phone at 0207 650 1827.

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