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What does the future of your land look like? 

When we look at a piece of land, we don’t see an empty space or an unwanted building - we see its potential.


Through years of developing social housing, we know the immense value that land can hold. In years to come, your site could become the place someone could call home, where they live, work, or raise their children. That’s why we always keep an open mind when purchasing land.


Perhaps you own a property with a substantial garden that you no longer need or an older building that needs a new lease of life. We’ll consider everything from factories to old offices, and greenfield sites to brownfield sites. As long as your space meets our criteria, we can help you transform it into something meaningful.

Image by Caroline Sada


Sites anywhere in the UK, but specifically in the North 

No less than 0.5 acres in size

Greenfield and Brownfield sites

Properties with spacious unused gardens

Old buildings in need of renovation including factories, homes, and offices


We like a challenge. So even if your site is landlocked, is in desperate need of remediation, or has planning issues, we will find a way to make it beautiful again. After all, transforming land into carefully crafted social housing is what we do best.


If you’re thinking about selling your land, you’ll want to make sure the people buying it are honest, trustworthy, and fair. At Alderley Group, these values are at the very heart of everything we do. We will shape our working relationship around your needs and desires, maintaining transparency throughout. 


We work efficiently and proactively, and our team of property specialists will help you to achieve the greatest possible value from your land. 


Rest assured, we will only use your site to create well-built, managed, and maintained social housing for people who have been failed by the housing market.

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