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Halwood Park


Alderley Group’s first scheme with Onward Homes, a design and build of 27 one and two bed apartments on a former pub known locally as the Merry Monk. The land is an infill site sitting on the eastern boundary of an already developed housing estate owned predominantly by a local housing association. This scheme will deliver twenty-seven much needed affordable housing units in the Runcorn area of Halton.


Alderley Group and Complete Construction adopted a validated planning application from the previous owner of the scheme, value engineering the design to suit both AG and CC commercially and Onward Homes for deliverability and required specification resulting in a carefully designed three storey apartment block with plenty of on-site parking and communal gardens for residents to relax and enjoy.


The building is to be constructed using traditional methods of construction and concrete floors and from a commercial viewpoint multiple subcontractor packages were tendered to local suppliers and tradesmen with many of them winning the tender resulting in added value to the local economy.

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