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A glimpse into four of our upcoming housing developments

At Alderley Group, our main priority is delivering affordable housing for communities that need it the most - those that have been failed by the traditional housing market. We’ve been working hard over the last few months, focusing on four projects that will do just that.

To keep you in the loop, we wanted to update you on everything happening behind the scenes. Read this blog to learn more about how our four new housing developments are progressing, and take a sneak peek at each one.

The Vicarage, Warrington

In partnership with Torus

The Vicarage is one of our high-rise developments on Palmyra Square in Warrington. Once complete, it will provide 23 affordable apartments within close proximity to the town centre.

The project is progressing well; the external brick façade is now up past first floor level, and the aluminium window installation is ongoing, currently at the third-floor level.

The main roof is now complete, with the smaller roof due for completion in early August.

Internally, progress has also been moving at a good pace. The Kone lift installation is nearing completion, as are the plumbing, electrical, ventilation, and sprinkler systems on each floor.

From early August, we’ll commence with the closing up of walls and ceilings across all levels. Once completed, this will allow the plastering and decoration stages to begin.

Hallwood Park, Runcorn

In partnership with Onward Homes

Our Hallwood Park scheme over in Runcorn is our first with Onward Homes. With the help of local suppliers, we’ll be designing and redeveloping a former pub, called the Merry Monk, into 27 affordable one and two bedroom apartments.

The scheme is noticeably beginning to take shape. The roof covering is well underway, with the concrete interlocking tiles and roof lights being installed, and rubberised roofing applied to the flat roof of all projecting dormers.

Internally, the building is now watertight, and we are commencing with both first fix MEP and first fix dry lining and ceilings across all floors.

Once this has been concluded we’ll be moving on to internal skimming, mist coat decoration and first fix joinery.

The Orchard, Huyton

In partnership with Housing 21

The Orchard is our first scheme in collaboration with Housing 21, a national Housing Association and not-for-profit retirement and extra care facility provider for over 55’s.

The 40 affordable apartments will sit on a plot of land referred to as ‘The Orchard’ by residents. The space formerly served as tennis courts for Huyton College, a boarding school for girls.

Our largest development to date in Huyton has continued to progress, despite some spells of bad weather.

The substructure works and below ground drainage are now complete and the superstructure and structural steels are now well underway and fast approaching first floor level to Blocks A&B.

The internal crash deck and perimeter scaffold are scheduled to commence mid to late July ready to allow the superstructure to continue. Once first-floor level is reached across the site our precast concrete floors and stairs will be installed allowing superstructure works to continue up to the second-floor level.

Town Hill, Warrington

In partnership with Torus

Our Town Hill development will consist of 39 one and two bed apartments, on a site which was formerly a Lloyds Bank. The homes have been constructed using modern construction methods, including a steel frame, concrete floors, MVHR units, and cladding, with construction scheduled to complete in October 2023.

The scheme has continued to progress at a good pace both internally and externally. The brick façade is continuing to progress on all elevations and will soon be ready for final inspection and snagging.

Internally, the lift installation is nearly complete and will soon be handed over once the final testing and commissioning has been completed.

The partitions and metal frame ceilings are complete on the upper levels. Plastering has commenced on several floors, and will continue as we work our way down and out the building.

The decorating and tiling commenced from mid-July, and this will be swiftly followed by the internal doors, ceramic wall tiling, and the installation of both the sanitary-ware and kitchens.

Keep up to date with our new housing developments

If you want to hear all the latest about our new housing developments in Warrington, Huyton, and Runcorn, follow us on LinkedIn here. We’ll be updating our page regularly with the progress and final results of all these developments - and future ones too.

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