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Fareshare: how our donations are making a difference

We feel it is important to give back to our community wherever possible. That’s why we’re proud to support Fareshare, the UK’s national network of charitable food re-distributors.

Alderley Group and Complete Construction have compiled a strategy with the guidance of Fareshare to provide school meals in the local areas surrounding our development sites. Beneficiaries include three schools and two community groups.

Recently, we were thrilled to hear from The Longford Neighbourhood Service Centre and ‘Making Space’, a day service in Warrington. They were kind enough to share their thoughts about how our joint support is making a difference.

Longford Neighbourhood Service Centre

Longford Neighbourhood Service Centre, known locally as The Roy Humphreys Centre, named after the former manager, is a charity that has been established since the 1990s. The charity aims to reduce social isolation and poverty, promoting wellbeing and offering a safe space in the deprived areas of Orford and Longford.

Longford Neighbourhood Service Centre runs a community café that offers affordable food and a place to socialise - it runs regular events for all ages, including lunch clubs, bingo, wellbeing groups, and trips away.

The charity is predominantly led by volunteers who give hundreds of hours a year to offer a truly life-changing service. It works in partnership with many other services to ensure it is responsive to the needs of residents, customers, and the wider community of Warrington.

“We are very grateful to Alderley Construction who have kindly funded Fareshare for us for 12 months. We have used this to help people access additional food and this has been especially needed due to the rising cost of living in an area that was already struggling with poverty and inequalities.”

"A variety of people are benefiting from the Fareshare products, including families, parents, young single adults, and older people. We were also challenged to make a meal out of the products and made an Italian meal for some local workmen. We would like to say a huge thank you to Fareshare, Alderley Group, and Complete Construction, for helping us to have this for customers and residents and we appreciate it.”

Making Space: Warrington Day Service

‘Making Space’ is a national charity providing valuable services to local communities - its Warrington Day service supports people with mild to complex mental health issues, promoting improved independence.

The service joins other local groups to create networks and enable more holistic support for people who need it the most.

“The donations we receive from Fareshare have made a huge impact on the Day Service and the people we support, but also reduced our food costs dramatically allowing us to put more money into the activities we run for members.

"Each week, our cook prepares the next week's menu for the bistro following what we have received on the delivery. Members can then purchase a hot meal and pudding for just £2.00. The café is open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm.

"During our ‘Weight to go’ sessions on a Friday, we often use any healthy snacks/fresh fruit and vegetables received to do taster sessions. Weight to go is a session designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage members to make healthier food choices. We also incorporate things like ‘shopping on a budget’ and 'batch cooking’ where members learn to shop for less and cook larger dishes and freezer leftovers as this can often save money.

"Our cookery volunteer takes items out of the Fareshare delivery and plans a meal and dessert to make during the cookery group each week. Members learn life skills during these sessions, like how to make a nutritious meal from scratch. Each member can then take what they have made home. We also provide them with a recipe card so they can recreate the meals at home.

"When we had our Easter lunch event, we used a variety of vegetables received from the donation to make the dinner. Members were able to choose from chicken or lamb. The chicken was also from an earlier donation and was frozen to use for the meal. We have also frozen things like cheese bites, sausage rolls, and confectionery when putting on a buffet at awareness sessions or events such as the ‘Time to Talk Day’.

"Any surplus food that cannot be used in the bistro is then put out for our members. On Friday we run a free food club for any members who are struggling with the rising cost of food and energy bills. Members are allowed to take one of each item and it is shared equally with those in need. Many of our members are unemployed, elderly or receiving benefits, and appreciate the help.

"We would like to say a massive thank you for your donation. We hope this shows what a difference it has made to our service and what a positive impact it has had for all our service members.”

To learn more about our charitable activities, visit our website.

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