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Marsh House


Marsh House welcomes 30 superb one- and two-bedroom apartments to Warrington. This much needed, turnkey, affordable housing will provide regeneration to a derelict piece of land on Manchester Road, Warrington.

  • 30 apartments

  • Selection of 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments

  • For Local People in need of Accommodation

  • In partnership with 



Client: Torus Group

Architect: Keith Davidson Partnership

Structural Engineer: Clancy 

Employers Agent: Identity Consult

Value: £3.2 Million

Category: Residential

Alderley Group gained planning permission for the construction of thirty-one and two bedroom apartments for affordable rent on the corner of Manchester Road and Padgate Lane, Warrington in 2021.

Since time immemorial, the River Mersey has caused trade, travellers, new ideas and attitudes to flow through Warrington.


On the south bank of the River Mersey, at what is now Wilderspool, the river was forded and a flourishing community soon grew. Today, Warrington has a population of about 209,000 with a thriving economy, low unemployment and a high GVA.


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